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About Us

We are an enthusiastic married couple passionate about independent business ventures. One of us directs and contributes ideas to the company, while the other oversees all aspects of the digital marketing and customer service. Currently, we offer our services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

This business emerged from a personal need to maintain our own spaces clean. As we faced the challenges of upholding a professional standard of cleanliness, we began to appreciate the nobility of this work. A pivotal moment arrived when we decided to assist entrepreneurs who own apartments in preparing their spaces to welcome guests. For months, we were deeply immersed in this task, and during that time, we acquired numerous cleaning, organization, and efficiency hacks. It was at this point that we realized we had a true calling for this profession. That’s when we asked ourselves, ‘Why not turn our passion for cleaning into a business?’ We are passionate about delivering excellent customer service, and, furthermore, we already had a solid background in digital advertising. We believe that destiny led us down this path. Our top priority is to provide a clean and welcoming environment for our customers, and earning their trust is paramount to us.


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